General lens
General lens

Light vewed through the lenses is close in color to natural light, while gaining intensified contrast so that objects appear sharp and clear. Visibility is improved, making it easier to track obstacles, people's movements and so forth.

The ICE BLUE LENS was developed through joint research with the Kinki University Faculty of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology aimed at employing optical control technology to maximize contrast. "The objective of the ICE BLUE LENS is to produce color rendering properties and contrast exceeding that experienced by the naked eye, so as to make objects more clearly visible."


Mr. Ichiro Katayama;

Instructer, Department of Biomechanical and Human Factors Engineering, Taculty of Biolog-Oriented Science and Technology, Kinki University



Protecting your eyes from ultraviolet radiation

The ultraviolet radiation emitted from the sn not only damaged our skin but also our eyes as well. Our all PETROID lenses cut 99.9% of UV rays.



New technology lens that is gentle to your eyes

Even if it is considered as visible light, blue light has a bad influence on the eyes. Now, there is a lens which reduces the amount of blue light exposure; the FULLERENE lens. Using this lens, your vision becomes clear and comforting.


What is Fullerene?

Fullerene is a new nanocarbon material consisting of 60 - 70 carbon atoms arranged like a soccer ball. In 2009 YAMAMOTO KOGAKU accomplished in combining this new material to the PETROID lens creating a lens which reduces only blue light.

Polarization degree>90%

Visible light transmission rate:approx. 10 - 40%

Polarization degree>90%

Visible light transmission rate:approx. 10 - 30%

Polarization degree>60%

Visible light transmission rate:approx. 50%


Polarized lenses have a special filter function which cuts out diffuse reflected rays from various objects such as cars, buildings, road and water surfaces, in order to make your vision clearer.

Without polarized lens
Without polarized lens
With polarized lens
With polarized lens



Protecting the eyes from strong sunlight and glare

The surface of mirror lenses is coated with a reflecting membrance, which is suited for cutting down strong sunlight and glare. The wearer is free to choose the most suitable lens color for the particular sporting occasion.


Preventing water and dust from obscuring your vision

The CLARITEX COAT is SWANS' new state of art water and dust repellent coating. It repeals water for a clearer vision in wet conditions. Further, the CLARITEX COAT keeps your lens looking brand new year after year. The DOUBLE CLARITEX COAT protects against splashes of water and sweat, which usually linger on the back side of the lens. This gives aclearer view to the wearer.


Clear vision without distracting reflections

Being applied on the back side of the lens, the MULTI-COAT keeps your vision clear by preventing reflected light that comes from behind you. If you choose the DOUBLE MULTI-COAT, the inner surface coating will prevent reflection, while the outer surface coating stops glare from entering the lens.



Lenses adapt color according to U.V. radiation

When a large amount of U.V. radiation enters the lens, the color changes from clear to smoke. However, when only a small amount of U.V. radiation enters, the lens becomes clear again.