boa®Closure System [PAT.P]



General lens
General lens
Ice blue lens
Ice blue lens

Light viewed through the lenses is close in color to natural light, while gaining intensified contrast so that objects appear sharp and clear. Visibility is improved, making it easier to track obstacles, people's movements and so forth.



The Ice Blue Lens was developed through joint research with the Kinki University Faculty of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology aimed at employing optical control technology to maximize contrast. "The objective of the Ice Blue Lens is to produce color rendering properties and contrast exceeding that experienced by the naked eye, so as to make objects more clearly visible."


Ichiro Katayama,

Instructer, Department of Biomechanical and Human Factors Engineering, Faculty of Biolog-Oriented Science and Technology, Kinki University





Easy interchangeable lens with clamping lock system.


You can interchange the lenses by clamping four locks on the goggle. There's no worry for getting fingerprints on the lens because it can interchangeed without touching the lens by hand. Now it is possible to get the best view by a quick interchange of lenses according to the weather conditions or the hours of the day.




The lens produces heat within itself and prevents fogging.


The transparent electric heating element built in lens clears fogging or frost by the power of a chargeable lithium-polymer battery. It supports safe skiing by providing a clear view even under severe circumstances.




Harmful ultraviolet rays can cause damaging eye disease such as cataract, as well as causing skin cancer. All the lenses on SWANS goggle can block this harmful ultraviolet rays and promise comfort and sace visibility.




SPHERICAL LENS has a very similar spherical shape to the human eyeball. It has very strong durability to impact, cold temperature resistance and heat resistance. It prevents the distortion of an optical component and has a wide visibility. The wider space inside of the goggle generates a more effective anti-fog ability.




SWANS is the first brand that offered polarized lens ski goggles in the world and have marketed all over the world for more than decades.


POLARIZED LENS shuts out the blue light which creates an unclear vision. Light waves traveling freely can vibrate in any direction. When light strikes a horizontal surface such as snow or water, it vibrates horizontally, creating glare. POLARIZED LENS is designed to block the reflected glare from the snow surface. The end result is an enhanced visual sharpness and reduced eye fatigue. To facilitate this clear vision upon different weathers, we have different polarized lens colors.




CLARITEX is a special coating which provides "Water repellency" and "Stain resistance" on the lens surface. CRARITEX has superb water repellency which can resist any water-drops on the lens and it maintains clear visibility even in wet weather conditions. CLARITEX also resists any stains or smears such as finger-prints or water-stains. Even in case that it is stained, you can remove those stains easily and it is also anti-scratch.


Clear & Clean


SWANS new state of the art water repellent lens coating. Repels water for clearer vision in wet conditions. CLARITEX anti-scratch lens coating keeps your lens looking brand new year after year.




ANTI-FOG LENS eliminates fogging very efficiently with its anti-fog coating on the inner side of the lens. With the combination of a ventilating feature (ventilating mesh) on the frame, it provides a much clearer vision.




DOUBLE LENS is very light in weight and flexible in shape as a single lens. It provides a stable fitting feeling and high safety. An air layer can performs an anti-fog feature very effectively.




Micro compact electric motor fan emits humid air witch causes the fogging up of the lenses inside the goggle. TBR FAN SYSTEM keeps very clear visibility under any circumstances. It is also designed for gloved hand operation.




All GLASS-IN models are designed to fit wearing glasses, which provides a wider and deeper space inside of the goggle. Wider ventilation can prevent fogging up on the glasses as well as goggle itself.




CLARITEX MESH is resin-finished for "Water repellency" and "Stain resistance". It has a high ventilation ability even in snowing or raining conditions.




PUFF FOAM has a very high water-absorbing property. It absorbs perspiration very effectively and prevents humidity inside the goggle. It is also very comfortable and stress-free even for long hour usage.




HELMET FIT goggles are designed based on plenty of sampling experiences. It provides a better fitting even when wearing on the helmet by applying accessory parts.