Company Milestones


・Haruji Yamamoto, the founder, established Yamamoto Optical Lens Works in the city of Osaka.



・A plant was newly constructed in the city of Higashiosaka City, the location of the current head office, to which the Works was relocated from Osaka.Total production of dust-proof eyeglasses and lenses was started in the form of a general partnership corporation.



・Became incorporated.Restarted production of safety eyewear and shading eyewear.



・Gained approval of labeling of the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) compliance marking for the eye protectors.

・Changed company name to Yamamoto Bojin Megane (Dust-proof Eyeglasses) K. K.

・Succeeded in developing the Japan's first sunglass frame made up from molding of plastic materials.

・Established Tokyo Branch Office in Ueno, Tokyo.



・Gained approval of labeling of the JIS compliance marking for the sunglasses.



・Introduced the Temperglass, the first sunglass with reinforced lens in Japan.



・Constructed a new plant in Higashiura-cho, Awaji-shi, HyogoPrefecture.



・Entered into an exclusive agreement with Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd. for production of the Hydron lenses.

Began introduction of the anti-fogging ski goggles under the brand of SWANS.



・Joined the membership of US National Safety Council (NSC).

・Exhibited our products first at ISPO(International sporting goods trade fair) in Munich, Germany

・Entered into a tie-up agreement with American Spalding International for eyewear business.



・Started operation of production plant for the super-hard PETROID lenses.

・Gained approval of labeling of the JIS compliance marking for the safety goggles with super-hard plastic lenses.



・Appointed as an authorized ski equipment supplier by the U.S.A Ski Team.



・Appointed as an authorized ski equipment supplier by the Ski Association of Japan (SAJ).



・Changed company name to Yamamoto Kogaku Co., Ltd. and worked on CI.

・Celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding in Tokyo and Osaka.

・Completed construction of a new head office building.

・Completed construction of a new technical research institute in the premises of head office.



・Gained type approval of protective equipment for industrial hygiene (dust-proof mask) from the Ministry of Labor.



・Completed construction of Tokyo Branch OfficeYamamoto Building in Ochanomizu.

・Completed construction of an annex to the Head Office building.



・Gained approval of labeling of the JIS compliance marking for the helmets for automobiles.



・Completed construction of Tokushima Plant.



・Celebrated the 80th anniversary of the founding in Kobe, HyogoPrefecture, with all the employees in attendance.



・Released corporate philosophy "Comfort Creating Company."



・Tokushima Plant was granted the award of Shikoku Bureau of Trade and Industry as one of the Excellent

・Factories in Implementation of Industrial Standardization.



・Started operation of Tokushima Distribution Center.



・Established Vision Care Laboratory in Tokyo Branch Office.



・Tokushima Plant obtained the certification of ISO-9002 and then cleared the assessment for transfer of certification to ISO9001.

・Established S. M. D. (SWANS Marketing & Design) U. S. A. Office.



・Established Shanghai Yamamoto Kogaku Optical Co., Ltd.



・The Design Excellent Company award granted from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP).



・Selected as one of the "300 vibrant Small and Medium Enterprises that support Japan's future " by the

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

・GULLWING was selected among the 100 Best Designs in 50 Years by the JDP Good Design Award 50 years.



・Selected among the "Vibrant Enterprises in terms of Intellectual Properties in 2007" by the Japan Patent Office.



・Opened SCC Osaka.

・Gained approval of labeling of the New JIS compliance marking for protective eyewear for welding and protective glasses.



・Opened SCC Tokyo.



・Completed construction of Awaji Hokudan Plant.

・Obtained The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award at Industrial Standardization Project citation.



・Celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding in Kobe with all the employees in attendance.



・Developed new eywear lenses called ICE BLUE LENS



・Developed PREMIUM ANTI-FOG for swimming goggle



・Developed M.I.T (Mirror insert technology) lens for swimming goggles and snow goggles

Celebrated the 105th anniversary of the founding in Awaji with all the employees in attendance.




Laser technology made remarkable development through advances of science not only in working processes but various fields such as medical, measurement, communication, space development, energy research etc.

We, at Yamamoto Kogaku Co., Ltd., have made eye protectors against laser beam available commercially, making full use of our light-controlling technologies built up over many years. In adition, we ofer the filters developed to cut various laser beam wavelengths. We are thus regarded highly as one of the industrys top performers in the world. Our eye protectors are available in a variety of types from frame type to glass type and shielding window type to cover wide range of applications.



On the slopes of silvery white, skiers and snowboarders play keen competition full of thrill and excitement. To offer secure and comfortable visibility for the players, we, at Yamamoto Kogaku Co., Ltd., have been developing highly functional products made up from various new materials such as fog sensor, flexible double lens, and heat lens system.

For our proprietary technology and development capabilities accumulated over many years, we have been selected as an authorized offcial supplier for the national teams not only in Japan but also in various countries that lead the world of skiing.



Swimming is attracting popularity as an effective sport for promoting health. Comfortable visibility and eye protection in the water are becoming indispensable more than ever.

We, at Yamamoto Kogaku Co., Ltd., became the first manufacturer workdwide to introduce the prescription swimming goggles based on the concept of ensuring as clear and comfortable visibility in the water as on land. The racing models in particular, developed based on our proprietary molding technology, have been well received by many top athletes including olympic swimming medalists.



Athletes continuously strive to provide the best possible performances in whatever weather conditions may be. And they continue making a challenge, confronting the vast stage of nature. We, at Yamamoto Kogaku Co., Ltd., have been supporting them in ensuring proper visibility in various forms. The keyword among our designers is how to protect eyes securely and comfortably. Our products feature significantly improved impact resistance compared to the existing lenses and also strong blocking capability of harmful UV rays. In addition, our proprietary dust-proof and stain-proof technologies are incorporated to maintain clear visibility even under harsh conditions of use. For the high precision and new features, our products are very popular among a number of top athletes playing an active part in the world of competitions.

Colors, designs, and forms in fashion - Even eyeglasses used in daily life constitute important coordinate items to make you appear more attractive. We, at Yamamoto Kogaku Co., Ltd., have been involved in development of a wide variety of eyewear for over 30 years to match the fashion and scene based on the concept of " wearing eyeglasses." Besides, we have introduced sport frames pursuing functionality and cmfortable fit and other high-quality and high-sensitive eyeglasses and sunglasses. We, at Yamamoto Kogaku Co., Ltd., is always capturing industry attention and then we continue offering designer products to be well received by a wide range of generations.